Educating the mind, without educating the heart, is no education at all. –Aristotle

Education Programs

R.E.A.C.H. educates in self and social awareness, development, and the building of positive character assets Through culture, our students ignite their passion that drives purpose. They are actively invested in the creation of a culture of kindness, inclusivity and a sense of ownership of and responsibility to the community. They celebrate diversity and continue to embrace the power of their unique abilities.


R.E.A.C.H. has worked to provide an environment of learning of character education, social, and developmental learning in an integrative context. As we understand the relational nature of human development is not exclusive to school or classroom learning, there is an emphasis on authentic school, family and community partnerships. Taught to students, modeled by faculty, integrated into the teaching day, embraced and supported by the parent community, students are provided the environment to create the world they want. This will become the lever for equity and excellence in an increasingly diverse and complex society.


  • Possess the ability to make reasoned judgments and decisions
  • Be self and socially aware
  • Be able to identify and manage own emotions, thoughts, actions,
  • Possess certain relationship skills that carry a sense of responsibility to and for others.
  • Demonstrate empathy


Demonstrated in the tables provided, the Planes of Development, Developmental Assets, and Social Emotional Learning studies form the basis of all our personal and prosocial development aims.


The focus is always on program improvement over student evaluation. Assessing the response to personal prosocial skill learning and development is exacted through student and teacher input. We believe the marker for success is the quality of engagement from our students and school community.

You can learn more about our character education, personal and social skills, emotional and character development in the series, Teacher Talks.


“Teacher Talks” is a video series where teachers discuss how they approach social and emotional development as an integrative approach in classroom learning. Talks cover a range of ideas that incorporate everything from the “teaching of the graces” to success strategies such as using sound judgement and the importance of work ethic.

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