The Year of the Teacher

Sep 21, 2020 | News

The year, 2020 started in it’s usual manner, back to school, organizing our next term, excited to see the school filled with our families after the well-deserved break. Never would we have imagined what awaited our community of teachers just two short months into the year.

We have always had a profound appreciation for our teachers. They have always been our front line workers in the nurturing and the academic development of our children. But never before has the light shone almost blindingly so, on just how deeply embedded in our social culture, the role of the teacher and their support to our families, has become.

We also know, as much as we know these remarkable individuals to be extraordinary in what they bring to the lives of our children, we also know they come from the same place. They are human, deeply caring and carrying the concerns of their own family lives within.

This seemed, therefore, to be an appropriate year to proclaim “The REACH Year of the Teacher”. This year REACH dedicates our efforts to listening, responding, helping, appreciating and doing what we can to support these remarkable people in their efforts to keep learning and going and growing, in this, the most unusual of times.


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